Alltek Services Finds Cost-Effective Solutions To IT

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

CFOs: Don’t Spend More On IT — Alltek Services Finds Cost-Effective Solutions

It can be easy to assume that money can fix any problem. To be fair, it can fix most — but it’s not a guarantee. Especially when it comes to your organization’s IT.

Whatever problem you may have, you can’t necessarily fix it by buying all new hardware or hiring more internal IT staff members. Sometimes, it’s not about how much you spend, but rather, how you spend it.

This was the case for one of our clients, Citrus Connection.

Money Couldn’t Solve Citrus Connection’s IT Problems

Citrus Connection is the public transit provider in Polk County, FL, serving over 2000 square miles in the region, and providing around 2.4 million rides to Polk County residents every year. They have a team of 188 employees, based out of four locations – an administrative office, a call center, and two terminals, all of which rely on IT.

Prior to partnering with Alltek Services, Citrus Connection had a lot of IT problems, may of which had to do with their rapid growth – their organization doubled in size in 2015.

For a while, Citrus Connection opted to handle their IT internally, spending more than a $100,000 to invest in new servers, and more on hiring and managing IT staff. Despite all that time, money, and attention, they still struggled with ongoing downtime.

“We had spent approximately $100,000 on servers, which was supposed to be the solution to the downtime,” said David Persaud, Chief Financial Officer, Citrus Connection. “But we were not getting any return on the investments.”

Alltek Services Solved Citrus Connection’s IT Problems & Saved Them Money

Fed up with the lack of ROI they were seeing on the money they spent so far, Citrus Connection called Alltek Services – they needed expertise, strategy, and expert support. Our team helped them evaluate their IT department management and processes, the ongoing costs of their IT problems, and the cause of their chronic downtime.

“After a complete evaluation of the IT systems and the IT department in consultation with Alltek Services, we thought it would be best to look at privatization to see how we can correct this problem,” said Persaud. “We have been fortunate. We have been able to solve these problems with significantly fewer resources, and keeping it at just two internal employees.”

Tired Of Wasting Money On IT?

Then stop assuming money is the problem. With expert help from the Alltek team, you can spend a lot less and see a much better ROI.

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