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Content Filtering

You need content filtering when you want to automatically block malicious and unproductive websites. It can be updated easily by your administrator to include or exclude specific sites or applications.

How Does Content Filtering Work?

Content filtering utilizes software that prevents access to certain items, which may be harmful to your IT system if they are opened or accessed. It specifies patterns that could indicate undesirable content that you want screened out. For example, you can set and filter out social-networking sites unrelated to work.

Here’s A Scenario That Explains More

One of our government clients has multiple computers in their lobby that their clients can use. They needed to lock these computers down so their users only have access to one specific site. Through our content filtering, we can change the websites/content for each individual computer.

Most content filters provide blanket policies for all computers on a network. Getting granular like the example above provides a significant benefit for training computers, public computers, or when your executives or managers require access to different sites than the rest of your employees. It is a very practical security layer that many organizations rely on.

Are you concerned about the websites your users are accessing? Content Filtering from Alltek Services will put your mind at ease.

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