5 Conference Room Technologies Your Meeting Room Needs

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

All businesses from every sector should have great conference room technologies to make their day-to-day processes run as smoothly as possible.

Not only do many people expect certain meeting room equipment like high-speed internet and video conferencing software, but excellent technology can make a good impression on clients and other businesses. Also, advanced equipment will make your employees happier and more productive. 

So, spending a little extra on critical tech pieces can significantly increase your bottom line in the future. 

Here are five conference room technologies you need!

Digital Whiteboards

If you haven’t used an interactive digital whiteboard recently, then chances are you’re in the dark about many of the new features that Interactive Flat Panel Devices (IFPD) offer to your team. These digital whiteboards, such as the one here from Vibe, are some of the best conference room technology to have since they are easy to use with many built-in features. 

With digital whiteboards, you can more easily gain people’s attention in your meeting because they offer easier collaboration and more multimedia opportunities than traditional options. Anyone can use the screen, and multiple participants can interact with the media presented by the whiteboard. 

And you don’t want to underestimate the power of working together that these IFPDs offer employees. A study from the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that when people work together towards a common goal, such as sharing the same presentation, they show increased motivation and task enjoyment, which makes for happier and more productive workers. 

Wireless Presentation

The best thing about having a wireless presentation is that it makes your presentations more seamless and flexible. 

With wireless conference room equipment, you’ll never have to fret about searching for a cord again. Also, you won’t have to worry about switching documents between devices or ensuring you have a cable to fit both a laptop and a tablet. 

Furthermore, having a messy office with cables all over the place can make people think poorly of you and your business. Not only will you not look up-to-date, but disorganized rooms make people believe that their owners are more neurotic and less agreeable than others. 

Wireless presentations also give you a similar benefit as digital whiteboards because the people in the meeting can easily connect their devices to your presentation screen. Today, many wireless presentation technologies allow up to six people to edit and draw on the same document at once for easy collaboration. 

Conferencing Camera and Video Conferencing Software

According to a survey by market analysts Frost and Sullivan, most people have positive views of video conferencing. For example, the pair found that:

  • 88% of people believe that web video conferencing saves time and cuts costs. 
  • 84% agreed that video conferencing makes meetings more effective. 
  • 86% believe that video conferences make things easier because employees can be in different locations.
  • 80% also agreed that video meetings are shorter and more effective. 

Additionally, people expect video conferencing in their place of work as most people say that seeing other people’s body language is more effective than only hearing a voice. 

If you’re looking for great video conference equipment to update your conference equipment, then our Polycom Studio is an excellent option for crisp video and sound. 

Projector, Televisions, or Computer Screens 

In all of the spaces of your office, you should know how to effectively use the room you have, and projectors, televisions, or computer screens are a great way to make your meetings more engaging no matter how much space you have. 

Whether you should get a projector, TV, or a computer to display your media depends on how much space you have, how many people are attending your conferences, and your budget. 

Best visual for large meetings: Projector

If you have a huge conference room and a lot of people at your meetings, a projector, like this one from Epson, is probably your best option. A 300-inch projector can allow you to show media without compromising your image. 

Best visual for medium-sized meetings: TV

Televisions are excellent choices for smaller offices and conference sizes because you can get one large enough for five to ten people to see comfortably. 

Best visual for small meetings: Computer screen

Finally, computer screens are best for a meeting with only a few people, say two or three. Since your office should already have computers, you won’t have to spend anything extra. 

Speakers and Microphones

Speakers and microphones are an often forgotten part of conference room technologies, but they are essential to ensure that everyone in the room can clearly understand the speaker. For instance, one of the most significant features of high-quality speakers and microphones is echo cancellation which improves sound quality. 

When choosing speakers and microphones, you need to think about the space you will put the devices

For instance, you need to get speakers that are powerful enough for your space but not so loud that they affect people’s ability to understand the content or disrupt people in other areas in your business.

Also, you need to account for background noise, especially in large rooms that accommodate many people, and adjust accordingly. Noise-canceling microphones are a great option if you’ll have excessive noise or chatter around you.

Set Up Your Conference Room Systems With Ease

If you want to step up your business by investing in great conference room technologies, Alltek Services can help you set up your office space with conference room systems installations. 

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