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Alltek will help you increase the efficiency of your team’s office capabilities with the expert installation of our conference room systems. With years of professional experience, you can trust Alltek to get your conference room setup with the technology needed for seamless video conferencing.

Increase Efficiency With Conference Room Equipment Setup

With the increase in remote work and technology advancements comes the need for integrated and cohesive video conferencing.

With our system installations, you can get peace of mind in knowing you’re using reliable innovation.
Conference system installation can be tricky, but at Alltek, we use our careful planning and expertise to map out your conference room computer setup and customize the equipment for your specific business needs.

The Details Of Our Conference Room Installation

As more meetings go virtual, traditional webcams aren’t getting the job done. Sound quality is not up to par, the resolution isn’t great, and the small frame cuts off much of the room.
Alltek’s Polycom Studio installation is the modern alternative to your video conferencing needs. Some of the benefits of the high-quality premium USB Video Bar include:

  • Audio ClarityFeaturing NoiseBlockAI technology for noise cancelling, so you only hear the person talking.  The microphone has a 12 foot pickup range, while the Acoustic Fence keeps outside voices and noise from interfering with your calls.
  • Video Quality UHD 2160p (4k) capture resolution, 5k zoom and 120-degree field of view
  • Smart Framing The camera automatically moves to frame the whole room if it recognizes the need.
  • Automatic Speaker Tracking The camera smoothly zooms into the person talking, and transitions to another person when the speaker changes.
  • Brightness Adjusting If the camera transitions speakers and the new one is in different lighting, the camera automatically adjusts to balance for the new brightness.
  • Application Compatibility –  The system works with whichever cloud video service you need. This includes but is not limited to: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Amazon Chime, Cisco Webex, Vidyo Desktop, Polycom RealPresence Desktop and BlueJeans.

Alltek’s Polycom Studio conference room setup includes:

  • High-quality USB Video Bar
  • Remote with Batteries
  • A computer installed behind or below the tv

We also provide the option for ongoing monthly monitoring and assistance in addition to our installation for complete peace of mind.

Installing a high-quality conference meeting room setup for your company can help you increase productivity. Contact us today! 

Stay Productive With High-Quality Conference Room Systems

Start leveraging innovative technology in your conference room, and lead your business to greater efficiency and higher profitability.

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