The 3 Ways Alltek Helps Douglas Collision Center Overcomes IT Obstacles

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Douglas Collision Center is an automotive paint and body repair service provider in Lakeland, FL. For 25 years, Douglas Collision Center has been helping customers recover from collisions with high quality and cost-effective repair and painting services.

Computer Support For Mechanics

Through their Shop Office, Douglas Collision Center offers attractive amenities such as free estimates, rental car set up and free beverages. Their Body Shop offers a Gold Class I-Car Repair Facility, ensuring an industry-wide standard for quality in repair. And last but certainly not least, their Paint Shop comes fully equipped with industry-leading down draft heated paint booths that help to match a factory finish.

When you’re in business as long as Douglas Collision Center has been, it’s not uncommon to encounter a few obstacles – it’s a testament to Douglas Collision Center’s quality of services and ability to adapt that has kept them going this long.

However, they recently got in touch with the Alltek team about a number of IT pain points that they’ve been putting up with:

  1. Inaccessible VoIP Phone System
    While the vendor that had sold them their VoIP system said that they would provide training and a help desk to assist with any VoIP issues, in the end, that wasn’t the case. After the purchase, the vendor said it was up to the Douglas Collision Center team to figure out the how the phone portal actually worked, and make any necessary changes.
  2. Poor Response Times
    This is a common issue in the technical support industry – Douglas Collision Center’s IT company at the time was highly unresponsive. When they needed help with something, their IT team took a long time to get back to them.

    On top of that, there were also a number of issues that the IT company could never solve, such as ensuring a smooth remote connection for remote users.

  3. Ineffective Hardware Maintenance
    As far as Douglas Collision Center knew, their network setup and closet were not in the best shape, but, understandably, they couldn’t do anything about it. When their IT company at the time failed to make any real improvements to their network and closet, they quickly lost trust in their ability to deliver lasting solutions.

And so, in the process of looking for a better IT company to work with, a team member at Douglas Collision Center came across our website. It was there that they noticed one of our customer testimonials – that was all they needed to read to get in touch.

The 3 Key Ways We Help Douglas Collision Center

Once we were brought on board, our team matched a series of proven solutions to help eliminate the pain points that Douglas Collision Center had been dealing with:

  1. User-Friendly Business Phones – We provided a MedTel Communications system that includes in-depth training on the phones and portal, as well as a responsive help desk to assist with any changes to the phone system.
  2. Verified High Performance – We make sure to carefully track key service metrics such as response time, resolution time, and customer satisfaction from each ticket. Each and every Alltek team member has a number, which helps us keep our response time as low as possible. We also track resolution time, because how long it takes to complete is just as important as how quickly we respond!
  3. The Alltek Box of Best Practices – By following this core set of best practices, we’re able to set up the network in the best way for their needs. This allows us to resolve issues quickly because our techs are highly trained on our systems, it keeps support calls low because stuff just works, and it will ensure long-term fixes to issues, instead of band-aids and short-term fixes.

The Alltek team is proud to work with a client like Douglas Collision Center – if you’re experiencing similar pain points as they were, don’t think that’s the way it has to be. With our help, you can overcome long-running IT obstacles as well.