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Are Your Employees Using Complex Passwords?

You can’t always depend on your employees to use complex passwords. And, poor password hygiene undermines your IT security controls.

Certain force functions are important to keep your network safe. Ensuring complex password requirements prevents hackers from using brute force attacks to enter your IT system.

We Can Ensure Your Employees Always Use Complex Passwords

Alltek Services can enforce complex password policies for your organization. The following are our typical password policy recommendations. We can change them depending on the regulations you must meet and your preferences:

  • Enforce password history: 6 passwords remembered
  • Maximum password age: 178 days
  • Minimum password age: 1 day
  • Minimum password length: 8 characters
  • Complexity: Enabled
  • Lockout threshold enabled
  • Prompt user to change the password before expiration: 14 days

Alltek Services can ensure that your employees always adhere to your password policy. Contact us to learn more.

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