What Makes Alltek An Award-Winning IT Services Company?

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Our People

Welcome, Collin!

Lakeland Computer Services Company

Collin Maisch is the newest addition to our team here at Alltek. You’ll speak with Collin when you contact our help desk.

Our help desk plays an incredibly vital role in our business. While specialists are working in the background to make sure data is always being backed up, proper security measures are in place, and conducting network reviews, etc., our help desk is the face of our business. And, we believe that Collin will be the best of representatives for Alltek in this capacity.

Because our help desk staff speak to our clients the most often, we don’t take their responsibility lightly. Our recruitment process is very focused on personality, and we look for people like Collin who will fit into our culture and can provide the best services to our clients. If we find someone who has a great and positive personality, we are more than willing to spend the time it takes to train them on the more technical side of our business.

We asked Collin to share some information about himself so you can get to know him.

Here’s what Collin tells us:

“I attended the University of North Georgia and received an athletic scholarship to play in Division 2.

I have many hobbies, from sports to electronics! I enjoy soccer, basketball and playing video games. One of my favorite activities is playing indoor soccer with friends.

I decided to start my career in IT because I’m interested in technology and it’s such a necessity in business today. Being a fan of technology and seeing how its constant evolution makes our lives easier, I started my career in IT.

And, I decided to join Alltek because of the excellent reputation they have throughout Central Florida. I’ve heard many good things about Alltek from local companies. My plan is to play a key role at Alltek and to keep adding to my skillset to expand my role within the company.”

Collin is going to make an excellent addition to our team. His success in sports and college show that he is a quick learner and a team player. We hope that all of our clients will give Collin a warm welcome to the team!