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  • Migrate To the Cloud For Faster, More Accessible, and More Reliable IT Services

    Migrate To the Cloud For Faster, More Accessible, and More Reliable IT Services

    Alltek provides managed Cloud Services and Cloud Computing Consultation for businesses across Polk County and Hillsborough County. We’ll work with you to design a cloud solution customized for YOUR business needs.

  • Managed IT Services

    To effectively run a business in Polk County and Hillsborough County, Florida, you need to know that your technology will always be functioning to support your business. Good IT solutions let you leverage your technological investments to improve your business’s productivity and efficiency, saving you money and time, but if your IT starts to develop…

  • Strategic IT PlanningLearn More

    Strategic IT PlanningLearn More

    As your Florida business grows, you need to be prepared to constantly reassess your goals and practices to make sure they suit your current needs. Your technology will play an important part in the future of your business, helping you maintain the productivity of your staff and remain competitive in your market, and you need…

  • Data Backup & Recovery

    Data Backup & Recovery

    Hurricanes, tropical storms and severe thunderstorms in Florida cause power outages that result in the loss of mission critical business data for many companies throughout Polk County and Hillsborough County. These storms left businesses without power, the ability to use their computer networks or to access their data—all because they didn’t have a tested backup…

  • Network & Computer Security

    Network & Computer Security

    Intrusion, hacking, and electronic theft attempts against businesses of all types and sizes are increasing exponentially, and no matter where your business is located, you need to remain updated and informed to keep your important data and systems protected against cybercrime.

  • Cloud Services

    Cloud Services

    More businesses than ever are migrating their important IT systems to the cloud for better collaboration and productivity among their team members. When you move to a virtualized computer environment, you make your data and important systems accessible to you and your staff from anywhere with an Internet connection: in the office, at home, or…

  • Cloud File Synchronization Services

    Improve How Your Team Shares Files & Collaborates With Alltek-Synch Many businesses in Polk County and Hillsborough County have learned the value of file synchronization for their staff. Sharing files in a cloud environment, using services like Dropbox or Google Docs, lets your staff easily work together on projects anytime, anyplace.

  • Microsoft Office 365 Services & Consulting
    Lakeland & Tampa

    Microsoft Office 365 Services & Consulting Lakeland & Tampa

    Alltek offers Office 365 Consulting and Support to help your business smoothly migrate to using the powerful solutions of Office 365.

  • Business Telephones

    Business Telephones

    Whether you are seeking a traditional analog or digital phone system; services providing standard features such as auto attendant, call groups, and voicemail; or if you require advanced Unified Communications features like cell phone forwarding, email integration, and call recording; you can meet the needs of your business in Polk County or Hillsborough County by…

  • Supporting Businesses Across Polk County

    Supporting Businesses Across Polk County

    Technology continues to evolve and leading small businesses in the county understand the important role technology plays.