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Tech Competence and Attorneys: New Changes You Need To Know About

If you are a lawyer or if you are hiring a lawyer, technology competence, often shortened to tech competence, is a term that you should[…]

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What Is Technology Competence

According to the LawSites blog, as of this writing, there are 36 states that have adopted the ABA’s updated Model Rule 1.1, which states that lawyers[…]

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Alltek Provides Information Technology Services for Construction Firms In Polk County

Construction businesses are managed differently than they were only a few years ago. From written plans to computer-based engineering and project management to advanced collaboration[…]

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EHR Vendor Consolidation and Its Effects on Ambulatory Health Services

An uptick of vendor consolidation in the Ambulatory electronic health records industry has been a cause for concern for many small and medium practices recently.[…]

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Cutting These Two Corners Could Lead to Business Disaster

Cost-cutting measures are not unusual for organizations as they traverse the standard lifecycle of products and services. What you decide to cut during the lean[…]

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Your Windows 7 Checklist

When you’re working hard to grow your business, you can get caught up in things that take your attention away from your technology. Before you[…]

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Alltek Provides Healthcare Managed IT Services in Osceola County

Your healthcare business relies on a solid IT infrastructure, but are there hidden challenges that need to be addressed? Your patients' security and peace of[…]

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A Little Bundle Of Joy Was Delivered To Alltek Services In May

Our Marketing Manager, Taher Hamid, just became a Dad! And the owner of Alltek Services, Tom Bowles, is now a Grandad! Welcome the newest addition to[…]

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Which Application Rules Supreme: Outlook or GMail

Currently, 30% of email addresses change every year. The majority of these changes are business related. No one wants to deal with the problems that[…]

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Happy Father’s Day!

June 16th is Father’s Day, a great reason to spend a little quality time with the family doing a few of Dad’s favorite things.  […]

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