You may already be using Microsoft Teams for collaboration via video, chat, collaborative Office documents, and so forth. But through Microsoft Teams integrations, you can also integrate all sorts of other apps directly into the Teams app. Some of these are first-party Microsoft apps, while others are third-party apps, including major popular applications you may already be using.

Check out 5 apps that can be incredibly helpful when integrated with Microsoft Teams. We’ll explain what each does and how you could potentially improve your workflow by using them…

You don’t have to be a power user to check your computer’s performance in Windows 10. Microsoft has provided some straightforward tools that can give you insights into how your computer is doing as well as the likely source of any slowdowns you’re noticing. Here’s what you need to know.

If you’ve been a Windows user for a long, you probably know about Task Manager, which can be a useful tool to analyze which programs are using what resources. However, in recent iterations, Microsoft has made Task Manager less useful for actually understanding where your resources are going. You probably still use it for killing unresponsive apps, but that might be it.