Lakeland’s Alltek Keeps Wheels Turning For Florida Transportation Company

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Case Study

Technology failures can happen at any time, halting business operations and costing business in Florida hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and even worse, damage to their businesses reputation. Luckily for one Florida transportation company they had a business continuity solution in place, resulting in continued business operations and near zero downtime. 

Electrical surge crashes servers for Florida Trucking firm, but they were prepared with disaster recovery and business continuity services from Lakeland’s Alltek resulting in minimal disruption to business.

For many in Florida disaster readiness is standard operating procedure. Businesses across the state understand how hurricanes can seriously impact business, bringing operations to a grinding halt.

Bynum Transport was prepared for a disaster and one struck at the heart of the computer network on Saturday, January 5, 2013. Unlike many businesses across the country, Bynum was prepared thanks to planning and foresight by both the company and their outsourced computer support company, Alltek.

Bynum Transport experienced a file server failure on this Saturday morning after a brownout/power surge followed by a two second electrical outage. This is all that was required to knock out their server and potentially cause a huge disruption in their business as well as that of their customers. Most server failures are a direct result of power spikes, surges and unexpected power failures. Even with Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS) in place, many companies across Florida often experience issues with power.

Business must be prepared

Why must your business have a business continuity and disaster recovery service in place?

Bynum Transport is a medium-sized transportation company providing services across 48 states, Canada and Mexico. Technology is essential to Bynum delivering services to their customers. Employees use email, Internet and application services and when their file server failed the company came to a grinding halt impacting onboard communications to approximately 200 trucks in the field.

Why Alltek

In July 2010, Bynum Transport made a strategic decision to work with Lakeland’s Alltek for their outsourced IT, computer and network support and services. In addition, Alltek ensured the company had a business continuity plan in place to protect all data in the company so that when a technology or natural disaster strikes, the company can continue to function.

Alltek provided Bynum Transport with a complete business continuity service providing a full backup of all data including server configurations to a secure offsite location. In the event of a failure onsite, all services can be immediately switched over to Alltek’s secure backup facility, allowing the company to continue operations.

“Alltek was able to have all services and complete system functionality restored within two hours with zero data loss,” said Pete Prebor, Controller, Bynum Transport.


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