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The team at Alltek Services is excited to announce our latest partnership with Esterline Construction and Esterline Landscape. These two companies are well-known in our area for their quality work and excellent reputation. Esterline Construction Esterline Construction Esterline Construction is a State Certified General Contractor that specializes in multi-family and commercial construction management in Florida. Esterline has been constructing apartment complexes since 1998. Over the years, their reputation has been built on quality work with a proactive mindset to always do what needs to be done. Esterline Construction has built more than 3,000 apartments for the Mahaffey Company, and commercial spaces from luxurious executive suites, fitness training studios, to renovated restaurants. They have also constructed many custom homes for clients in the Tampa and Orlando markets. Their owner, Dan Esterline, holds an MBA from The University of Florida and is a fourth-generation landscaper! Esterline Landscape Esterline Landscape Esterline Landscape started with four employees, one truck and a make-shift office behind an apartment building in Lakeland. Since then, Dan Esterline and Henry Turner have expanded the business to three locations and more than 100 employees! Their team of trained professionals handle all aspects of each project, from the idea phase through design and installation. They serve both commercial and residential properties. With multiple locations and over one hundred employees, Esterline understands the importance and complexity of their IT infrastructure. They contacted Alltek Services to improve their communications between locations and implement cutting-edge security hardware, software, and tools. We got to work right away and implemented Alltek’s set of standards known as our Box of Best Practices, across both companies. We crafted these security, help desk, server configurations, network infrastructures, documentation, and processes over decades in business, and from senior engineers within our company and technology partners across the nation. This proven set of guidelines and tools keeps our clients’ networks safe and their companies productive. Once implemented, we have every level of technical expertise on the Alltek team to support every-day IT operations. From assisting with network troubleshooting to providing in-depth network reviews and testing, we provide a complete technology partnership for our clients. Technology in the 21st Century is changing rapidly. Esterline Construction and Esterline Landscape understand the importance of IT investment to keep them evolving and sustaining the quality service they provide to their clients. ”

~ New Client Spotlight – Esterline Construction & Esterline Landscape



Why Did They Contact Us?

We’re so excited to announce one of our new clients, Titanium Real Estate! The Titanium Real Estate professionals have been buying and selling homes in Lakeland, Florida and surrounding areas for over 15 years. In addition to buying and selling homes, Titanium Real Estate also provides property management services. They have over 20 agents in their office working under an experienced licensed broker. These agents are professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge of the local real estate market. Lakeland Computer Services You’ll see that their website boasts a beautiful photo of Lake Mirror; displaying their pride for the city they are helping to grow. Titanium also has a convenient Home Value Tool, a Dream Home Finder, and a Map Search to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s just one of the many client testimonials they’ve received: “You have done a super job. I’ll give the highest rating you can possibly get... (5-Star Rating on Google) Thank you and Team Titanium for great service!”

Titanium Needed A Newly Designed Computer Network

The team at Titanium contacted us to help them use technology to enhance their business. They were moving to a new location and requested a complete, new design for their computer network that would keep them on the forefront of productivity and security. We designed and implemented a fiscally responsible, yet very powerful IT network to meet the technology needs of their business model.

They Were Looking To Increase Their IT Security

Security is a top priority for Titanium. The Alltek team implemented layer after layer of protection to keep their information, as well as their clients,’ completely secure. They now have:
  • The latest firewall system with cloud-based sandboxing technology,
  • Powerful anti-virus on every device, and
  • Secure, reliable and always recoverable data backups in redundant locations.
These were just a few of the powerhouse measures we put in place to safeguard their IT assets.

They Needed Innovative Technology

Agencies like Titanium Real Estate in Central Florida are using information technology to attract new buyers/sellers, reduce marketing costs, and close property deals in a timely manner. New technologies have improved the way business is done today in the real estate industry for both consumers and agents. Technology provides ready access to information for consumers, such as listings, prices, neighborhood demographics, and mortgage rates, both in Lakeland FL and nationally. You can now shop online to find the lowest interest rates and the best-priced properties in an effort to save money. This increased access has led to more well-informed consumers, and with this comes increased demand for specialized and enhanced services from real estate agents. The use of innovative technologies has also increased competition in the real estate and property management market as more agents are using technology to promote their services and list properties

They Wanted Up-To-Date Technologies To Attract Clients

To compete in this technology-driven market, your real estate agency or property management firm must use up-to-date technologies to attract clients. The following are the primary ways to do this.
  • Migrate To The Cloud: Cloud computing allows you to cut operating costs with online document and communication services. With an internet connection or a smartphone, your clients can securely view photos or important documents regardless of their location. You can do the same, operating remotely from your home or when on the road. This also frees up the need for office space, reducing your operating overhead.
  • Use Ongoing Data Backups For Business Continuity: You need reliable, secure access to information 24/7. It’s essential to safeguard your data generated from records, notices, and other legal documents. If you experience a loss of critical data whether it’s from human error, cybercrime, malware, power outages or a natural disaster, your sales and rentals can come to a grinding halt. A properly designed and implemented data backup and recovery solution can prevent this and ensure your business continuity.
  • Mobile Device Management: Thankfully you can now communicate with and serve clients when on the go. Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones allow you to access information at any time, from any location.
If you’re like most real estate agents or property managers, you are constantly on the road and rely on your mobile devices to stay connected. However, security of data can be an issue when using these technologies. To prevent this, your IT service company can implement and deploy mobile device management solutions to secure, monitor, and manage your mobile devices and ensure that your critical data is protected and can’t be retrieved by strangers in the event that you lose your mobile device. When taking advantage of technology advancements, just like Titanium Real Estate, your primary focus should be the delivery of secure, up-to-date information to your clients. Information technology allows you to provide information to clients exactly when they need it, therefore bringing you closer to your clients and improving your sales. For a free consultation and to learn more about how up-to-date, secure and innovative technology solutions can improve your real estate or property management business, contact Alltek Services or call Alltek's Lakeland office at (863) 709-0709. The team at Alltek Services serves businesses in Polk and Hillsborough Counties in Florida. Want to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of business technology? Visit our Blog. Here are a few examples of what you’ll find: How Can Local Companies Best Use Outsourced IT Services? Alltek Services Pleased to Sponsor Toys for Tots Charity Event at Cardel Homes! Meet Our Latest Real Estate IT Services Client In Polk County

~ Alltek Welcomes Our New Client– Titanium Real Estate



Lakeland IT Services  

Alltek Services is very excited to announce one of our newest clients, Satellite Prolink!

Satellite Prolink specializes in marketing services for premier real estate auction firms and business liquidators. Their focus on these verticals has helped them become THE name in auctioneer marketing and advertising. They are located in Lakeland, Florida but they serve clients all across the United States! Satellite Prolink has been in business since 1995 and provides a wide range of services to their clients. They boast all 5-star reviews on Facebook and excellent testimonials on their website! Some of the services they provide include:
  1. Market research
  2. Strategic Media Purchasing
  3. Online marketing
  4. Social media
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Public Relations
They are a one-stop shop for all their clients’ marketing needs! Tinsley Creative, one of our long-time customers, recommended our service to them. After meeting with them a few times and discussing their needs, they decided to move forward with our Managed IT Services plan. In this plan, we can respond to support calls and proactively manage their network without them receiving additional bills from us. It’s a win-win!

Why Prolink Chose Alltek Services As Their Lakeland IT Company

A primary focus when we took over was remote connectivity. The owner often works remotely and wanted the best and most secure solution for doing so. We set up a SonicWALL firewall with a secure connection through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You may think that’s just tech gibberish… Basically, it’s a private tunnel that goes directly to your network from wherever you are. In addition, Satellite Prolink was being very proactive with their data, always making sure it was being backed up. However, it took some manual labor and additional time each day. We were able to completely automate this process, sending an entire replica to an onsite storage device AND our hurricane proof co-location. Our experts continuously monitor this process to make sure our clients’ data is always safe! Working directly with Microsoft on an Office 365 account can be quite a daunting task. You could imagine the headache trying to get in touch with support, “Press 1 to get to the menu where you’ll need to press 1 again to get to the other menu where you might need to press 3 to reach someone, if you’re lucky!” Okay, I don’t think that’s exactly how it goes, but you get my point. Alltek was able to take management of the Office 365 account, so they have our staff as well as our partner AppRiver to assist. That way, we can resolve the issues long before we need to get Microsoft involved.

Visit the Prolink Website And Check Them Out

Satellite Prolink is definitely in the growing stage and we’re grateful to be able to support them. If you need their help, reach out! Check out their website here: We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Satellite Prolink. Welcome aboard! ”

~ New Client Spotlight – Satellite Prolink

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