Boosting Productivity in Accounting Firms: The Essential Shift from Single to Multiple Monitors

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

The prevalence of a single monitor in accounting firms is seriously hindering productivity.

This is because, in the complex and detail-oriented world of accounting, the ability to view multiple documents and data sources simultaneously is not just a convenience, it’s a necessity. When accountants are limited to a single screen, they are constantly forced to switch between windows and applications, which not only slows down their workflow but also increases the risk of errors.

You hear vendors pitching you client portals, AI tools, Microsoft 365 adoption, etc. All of those things are GREAT and will improve your firm’s productivity, but let’s not miss the low-hanging fruit: Ensuring every single one of your users has at least two monitors. 

The daily mix of spreadsheets, applications, and web browser tabs makes working on a single monitor an endless battle.

Luckily, adding a second monitor could not be any simpler: 

  1. Look at the ports on the back of the computer – I can almost guarantee there is an extra HDMI or Display Port back there. 
  1. Plug in a monitor with that respective cord (or get a $10 adapter). 
  1. Go to display settings and add which side that monitor sits on the user’s desk. 

(You can also skip all of that and just give us a call) 

Research has demonstrated a definite increase in productivity when an extra monitor is added. This enhancement enables users to accomplish tasks much more rapidly as it eliminates the need to constantly switch their focus between different applications.

Ironically, your employee may provide pushback. After all, people like what they’re used to! However, you can’t give in to this pushback and the ability to save $150. Make the move. They will adapt quickly, enjoy the change, and get more work done! 

Time to rip the band-aid off and audit your employees to ensure everyone has two or three monitors. 

Okay, my public service announcement is now over. Thanks for reading!