How Does Alltek Make Sure Your Data Backups Are Working Properly?

by | Apr 7, 2019 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Your data is one of the most important assets that your business has, but how can you be sure that it’s being properly protected? When you work with a trusted and qualified data backups partner, you can rest assured that your sensitive and crucial business information is secure and well-protected at all times. From redundant storage locations to automatic backups, here are the details that you need to know about backup and data protection services from Alltek.

Why Are Data Backups So Important?

Think about it: What would your business do without access to your customer, vendor and product information for an hour . . . a day . . . or a week? It’s not uncommon for a serious data outage to completely sink a business, making data backup and recovery one of the most important infrastructure activities in your business. Malware and ransomware are on the rise, and cybercriminals are no longer simply targeting large organizations. These hackers are now looking for ways to infiltrate small businesses, as there’s the perception that small businesses may not have access to the robust cybersecurity processes that are the hallmark of larger enterprises.

What Happens With a Data Backup?

Are you wondering what happens with data backups? There’s no magic behind the scenes, simply cohesive processes and tightly-guarded data centers, all tying back to regular backups from your location. At Alltek, we take pride in our comprehensive data backup and recovery services that are offered to organizations of all sizes.

Your data will be stored in three different locations:

  • Your data is first stored on a local device
  • The secondary storage for your data in on a separate NAS network attached storage
  • Finally, your data is backed up to our redundant co-location services at Cologix

This ensures that even if there is a local disaster such as fire or flooding, there is still a full backup of your data at our highly secure and hurricane-proof building at Cologix.

How Often Is My Data Backed Up?

While there can be some variation depending on the type of business that you have, Alltek generally recommends data backups that run every 15 minutes. That ensures that you’re never losing more than that amount of data in the event of an emergency or a malware attack. The days when you needed to create a tape backup and take these backups with you each night have passed, and today’s data security and backup procedures are both more automated and more secure than ever before.

Can I Recover My Data Quickly?

With a comprehensive data backup and recovery process, you can often recover the majority of your data within a few minutes to a few hours, depending on your service level agreement. Some businesses may need to know that they can access specific files or rebuild data structures extremely quickly, such as healthcare offices or law practices. Others are fine with a slightly longer time before your data is recovered, but the goal is to minimize the time to recovery as much as possible. Your data backups provider will be able to offer specifics about timing and help ensure that you have the information that you need to make a good decision about your data security, backups and recovery process.

Data security and backups are an important part of the ongoing support of your business. You need to know that data is available when and where you need it — and Alltek can help. Our highly-trained and qualified professionals can confidently share details about our aggressive security procedures to keep your data safe. Learn more by calling 863-709-0709 today or learn more about Alltek’s service offerings online.