Employee Spotlight
Ashley Morgan, Account Manager

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Meet Ashley Morgan, the latest addition to the Alltek team. Ashley communicates directly with our clients to keep them engaged and satisfied with the services we deliver to them. This is an incredibly important role in our organization. As we continue to grow, it’s vitally important that our clients continue to feel attended to and valued – that’s what Ashley does for Alltek.

Ashley gained experience working directly with clients in the insurance industry, after which, she worked in Project and Property Management. Immediately prior to joining Alltek, Ashley worked in Account Services in the lottery industry, adding further to her directly applicable experience for the position she holds on our team today.

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Beyond her considerable experience, Ashley also brings a keen interest in the work she does as a member of the Alltek staff. Her penchant for working with clients, along with an interest in IT and all things technical, makes her both capable of and engaged in the work she does every day.

Ashley chose to work with Alltek due to the sense of community and work ethic she found in the team here.

“After researching Alltek, I found a family environment that has worked hard to build themselves to where they are today,” says Ashley. “Every member of the Alltek team has the drive to move forward and to continue to grow. I find it important to work for a team that doesn’t lose focus on the end result.”

As a mother, a family environment is a priority for Ashley. She is confident that working with Alltek, and growing in the position over the coming years, will provide a stable foundation for her and her daughter.

“My 5-year plan is to continue to grow within my role and expand my knowledge,” says Ashley. “To have brought in more business so that the company can expand and I will have developed a solid path and foundation of security for my daughter.”

Outside of work, Ashley leads a creative life, enjoying arts and crafts, gardening and landscaping. She is an experienced musician, having played the clarinet in high school, as well as having learned the piano and organ from her grandmother as a child.

We’re proud to have an experienced and engaged person like Ashley on the Alltek team. As a growing member of the IT services industry, we know how important the Help Desk is for our clients. We’re confident that Ashley will continue to be a key part of that service. Working with clients is about more than just completing tickets and quickly as possible – it’s about delivering IT expertise and business acumen, combined to provide long term strategy and real growth.

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