Frustrated With Apps That Open When You Turn On Your PC?

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County

Frustrated With Apps That Open When You Turn On Your PC?

There’s very little that’s as frustrating as technology that doesn’t work quite the way you want it to. Even when it’s working properly, the default configuration of your computer and its software can make it so that it operates in a way you’d rather it didn’t.

Case in point – when you turn on your computer, do a number of the applications automatically open up? This can be frustrating, especially if you don’t actually need those applications to open at that time. It’s often the case that these apps take a while to start up properly, and then require you to address a pop-up or an update, or something else that takes up even more of your time.

Furthermore, if you’re using an older computer, with a hard disk drive, the start-up process can be made a lot longer by having to add applications to the workload. It could be the case that you’re waiting 10 – 15 minutes or even longer to get started on your work, just because of these applications.

Wouldn’t you prefer it if no applications automatically opened when you turned on your computer? Or at least, just the ones you need?

Click PLAY below to watch the latest Alltek Tip video, all about choosing which applications you want to automatically startup when you turn on your computer:


How To Choose Which Applications Automatically Open At Start-Up

  1. On your PC, go to the search bar in the bottom left corner.
  2. Enter and select “startup apps”
  3. Review the list, and select any apps you want to disable from automatic startup

It’s that simple – as with most things IT-related, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. Optimizing your user experience just comes down to having a little extra knowledge.

Remember, as always, there are often a number of customizable options in your user experience. To take advantage of them, you just have to take a little time to learn more about how they work, and what’s available to you.

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