Production Company in Brandon FL Calls Alltek for Apple & Mac Support

by | Feb 15, 2019 | Business IT News and Information For Small to Large Companies In Polk County, Technology Tips To Help Your Polk County Business

What does a company do when they need emergency tech support for an important new client?

A Florida production company did not have an emergency themselves; however, they just landed a big account with another company to do production-development work for them. This other company had an urgent need that was interrupting the workflow of starting the development project.

The problem was that their new client had a group of Mac users who were having troubles with their Macbooks and needed general IT support. Their in-house tech support person had suddenly quit without warning, leaving them stranded without help.

The company reached out to Alltek for assistance via the live chat feature on Alltek’s website. Alltek was able to immediately respond with managed IT services that included Apple & Mac support. The rapid response by Alltek made the production-development company look like computer geniuses and superheroes who saved the day. After their client’s needs were met, they started the production-development project without further delay.

Managed IT Services for Apple & Mac Support

The advantages of having managed IT support services from Alltek include the ability to pick up the phone, email, or chat with an Alltek professional at any time to get an immediate response. This is like having a full-fledged IT staff ready to help at a moment’s notice. However, the good news is that managed IT services cost a fraction of the amount that is needed, when compared to hiring full-time IT support staff.

Clever business owners, corporate executives, and divisional managers know that they may need emergency IT help whenever a problem comes up. They want things, like adding new employees to the IT network, to be easy. The rest of the time they want the IT network monitoring and maintenance to go on automatically without having to worry about it.

Here are some important ways that managed IT support services help a business:

New Employees

Bringing a new person on board requires getting them set up with equipment. New devices may need software installs to get them functional and network ready. Previously-used devices need to have all the old data on their hard drives wiped clean and any installed software updated to current versions.

New employees also need an account on the company’s network with access to the data and software that they are authorized to use. This access is limited according to their job description and security clearances.

Network Monitoring

Proactive network monitoring includes scanning connected devices to check for unauthorized software and hardware problems such as failing hard drives or worn out laptop batteries. Monitoring the network on a 24/7 basis makes sure that all the system software, virus blocking, and anti-malware protection are the current versions with the most recent security patches and virus/malware core definitions installed.

Network monitoring also scans for intrusion detection and threat assessments to prevent unauthorized use and data breaches. There are double-checks performed to make sure backups are being made on a regular basis and that the backups are not corrupted so that they can be used in case of an emergency.


Proactive monitoring works with proactive maintenance to keep IT equipment functioning properly. Proactive maintenance blocks and removes malware. It conducts virus checking of downloads and email attachments. It blocks and removes unauthorized software installs.

Routine maintenance is able to disable unnecessary communication ports for improved security and remove unused software that may be installed as part of a bundle. It keeps software drivers up to date. It checks hard drives for integrity, scans them for errors, and makes disk repairs as necessary.

Equipment Inventory and Software Control

A real-time inventory of the company’s IT equipment is constantly made. This inventory shows who the equipment is assigned to, their current status as an authorized network user, and can also track the physical location of any equipment. Lost or stolen equipment can be remotely disabled, information wiped clean, and its location immediately determined for rapid retrieval.

The software installed on each device can be monitored to make sure only approved software is used and that the software is properly licensed.


One of the main reasons businesses use the outsourced IT support services that Alltek offers is the enhanced security possible with managed IT services. Information Age reports that every business owner and its senior executives must treat cybersecurity as a critical element for the survival of a successful operation. A security breach can cost the company a fortune or put it out of business with the theft of intellectual property, lost customers, fines, and damages.

Companies find it difficult to manage complex cybersecurity issues on their own. The problem with cybersecurity threats is that they are ongoing and increasing. That is why having a dedicated team at Alltek, to protect a company’s IT infrastructure and network, is a good idea.

Increased security is achieved by device management protocols and software that enforces security policies, such as having a two-step authorization method with complex passwords for system accounts and using FileVault solutions to store confidential information on servers and on devices. This solution encrypts information for data storage on hard drives and uses a secure, point-to-point, virtual private network (VPN) communication connection to send encrypted files from one device to another.

Employees Who Leave

When an employee leaves voluntarily or is terminated, there is the need to recover company-owned equipment and shut down the employee’s access to the network. These efforts need to be coordinated with the human resources department of the company. This is necessary to make sure a disgruntled employee cannot cause any harm to the company after termination.

Predictable IT Budget for Apple & Mac Support

Managed IT services, on a long-term contract basis, have the advantage of a level monthly-billing amount. If an emergency comes up, it is dealt with by Alltek’s trained technicians. The company does not suddenly get a huge bill for IT support services based on an hourly charge. This program makes budgeting for Apple & Mac support much easier.

Moreover, there is an incentive for Alltek to keep everything working smoothly, with proactive monitoring and maintenance, to avoid any serious, costly problems, so this makes for a win-win arrangement with Alltek’s clients.


Alltek can certainly help with emergencies; however, there is no need to wait until an emergency happens to have IT support services lined up and ready-to-go when needed. Companies that need Apple & Mac support in the service area for Alltek, which includes Polk and Hillsborough Counties in South Florida, should reach out to us for managed IT services. Call 863-709-0709 for an initial consultation or request an appointment online.