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A Little Bundle Of Joy Was Delivered To Alltek In May

Our Marketing Manager, Taher Hamid, just became a Dad!
Tallin Hamid

Our Marketing Manager, Taher Hamid, just became a Dad! And the owner of Alltek, Tom Bowles, is now a Grandad! Welcome the newest addition to the Alltek family!

Tallin Hamid

Little Tallin Hamid was born on May 12, 2019, at a healthy 8.5 ounces.

Why did Taher and his wife Lindsay name their son Tallin? Because they went to Tallinn Estonia for their honeymoon and loved the name.

Tallin's name is also a combination of Daddy's (Taher) and Mommy's (Lindsay) names.

Plus, it’s appropriate because Tallinn, Estonia is the birthplace of many international high tech companies, including Skype.

What do you think? Will little Tallin excel in technology like his Dad and Grandad? We think it’s a sure bet that he will!

Please join us in welcoming little Tallin to the Alltek Family!

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