We are super excited to announce one of our newest clients, the National Watermelon Association.

The National Watermelon Association, Inc. (NWA) is a voluntary, membership trade association dedicated to making a positive difference in the businesses and lives of its Watermelon family – those involved in the growing, grading, handling, transporting, distributing, and selling of watermelons. The National Association has members in over 30 states, Canada and Mexico, with interests in Central America and South America.

Online marketing is pretty simple, but not so easy to do. It takes time and patience, just like fishing.

How do you make sure customers will find your business online and choose it? By using the right bait. Know your audience and give them something they’ll “bite on.” Then reel them in.

Here’s another useful tip …

Being a great online marketer is like being a shark. How? – Because a shark swims all the time. It never stops. If it does, it dies.

Think “marketing” all the time. What Stuart Crawford at Ulistic (our online IT marketing guru) tells us is: We must think like we’re marketing professionals who just happen to provide IT Service & Support. This is great advice.