Alltek, Inc. and SonicWall Inc. hosted a Cybersecurity seminar for local businesses. We had 50+ professionals come out to represent their company and learn how to stay protected from the increased prevalence of cyber attacks. Rob Krug delivered an engaging, hilarious, and at times scary presentation on the reality of today’s cyber threats. Alltek, SonicWALL, and a good dose of employee training will guarantee a safe and secure network! Alltek takes security very seriously. Outside of regular training, we supply our clients with multiple layers of protection. We are a Lakeland based IT company and serve clients in Lakeland, Orlando, Tampa, Winter Haven, Jacksonville, and much more. Many of our clients do not have internal IT staff and rely on us completely to deliver effective IT support at all times. We rise up to this challenge and boast a 100% satisfaction rate from our current clients! Need help with the network at your business? Worried about your security? Reach out and we will provide a Free Network Assessment: 863-709-0709 {email}

Alltek employee used Adobe Premiere Pro to create a promotional video with a 3D virtual set, slideshows, drop shadows, and professional looking lighting. Taher utilized a green screen for the desired effects. Alltek is managed service provider in Florida. We provide Expert IT Support to businesses of all sizes. Enterprises, small practices, small to medium sized businesses, and non-profit organizations. This includes complete backup and recovery to combat ransomware and disasters, unlimited on-site and remote support, and help desk support. Alltek is located in Lakeland, Florida and serves cities across Florida, most notably, Tampa, FL. We utilize Labtech as our remote monitoring and management tool. I hope you like the video and please include any feedback! Taher would like to improve his video editing abilities, so any advice helps! Check us out at Alltkeservice.com or email me at Taher@alltekservice.com